Wakayama City  Gary Nako English Conversation School

Since 1993年

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About the Teacher

* Private Teacher Gary is a native speaker from Hawaii (fluent in Japanese ).

* Personal Attention: For over 20 years, we have been teaching English conversation meeting the requests and needs of students from elementary school students to adults.  We will show each student sincere and personal interest.

* Experienced Teacher: Gary has taught at Aichi Prefectural High Schools, Obu City Junior High School, preschool, kindergarten, various English schools, YMCA, Company classes, etc.

* Reasonable and affordable tuition fees.

* A homey and relaxed atmosphere to improve your hearing ability!

* Small classes.

* Flexible class times for busy people.

* Free 30-minute trial lesson (upon request).

* Free parking is available.


We translate material and help you to prepare speeches.

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What Our Students say:

The lessons are very homey, friendly and fun, and the time goes by so quickly.  The teacher was kind and patiently taught me until I could understand it, and it gave me a lot of fun to talk in English, so I was able to speak surprisingly well without knowing it.

-S. Takemura (Starbucks Coffee Cashier)


It has been more than five years since I started attending Gary English School about which I learned from a friend. “How would you like to do your lessons?” Gary asked me, and I wanted a free-talk lesson that didn’t use a textbook. Because I had been reading and writing in English from when I was a student. It is a big reason that I wanted to improve my hearing ability which is insufficient to me.  Yet, I did not want it to become a burden to me because I am the type that gets easily bored.

In the lessons, I have a small talk with Gary and an hour passes quickly. I’ve been enjoying an hour of my time talking about what happened in my work last week, what movies I watched on video and TV, what I like about my children’s club activities, and sometimes even a bit of topical content.

-Kaoru Matsuo (Air Freight Agency)


Contact us today at:

Email: gary @ garyenglishschool.com

TEL: 073-462-7843


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